Amis d'Uxellodunum  

The siege of Uxellodunum according to the ancient texts...


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Remarks on the writing of Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic Wars :
Comments and translation by L.-A. Constans, 1926

bullet The historical deformation
bullet The initial resistance and withdrawal of the Gauls to Uxellodunum (Chapters VIII, 1 à VIII, 30)

Hirtius' account of the battle of Uxellodunum : Latin text and English translation by L.-A. Constans, 1926

bullet Hirtius' preface
bullet Latin text and English translation (Chapters VIII, 30 to VIII, 40)
bullet Transmission of the basic text, value of Hirtius' text
bullet Observations on Lucterios and his descendants
bullet Numance et Uxellodunum

Frontin's text on Uxellodunum

bullet The author and his work
bullet Frontin's text and translation
bullet The value of Frontin's text

Orose's text on Uxellodunum

bullet Orose and his work
bullet Orose's text in latin and translation by Marie-Pierre Armaud Lindet
bullet The value of Orose's text

The epoch and possible duration of the battle of Uxellodunum

The forces present : Evaluations of the gallic forces and the Roman troops (proposed in 2002 by Jean Pierre Girault)

bullet The Gallic forces
bullet The Roman troops
bullet The speed of travel
bullet Animals at the siege of Uxellodunum : evaluations proposed by Guy Maynard
bullet Subsistence - daily food rations for the animals, the Gauls and the Romans
bullet Provision of water

Evaluations by various authors concerning Puy d'Issolud (in English)




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